Opportunities after Graduation

In accordance with the Social Workers Registration Ordinance, we strongly encourage and instruct graduates to take exams for social workers certification and other qualifications. By 2008, about 550 graduates have obtained social worker certification. Many graduates act as social worker association supervisors and directors. In addition to social work related exams, our graduates are well prepared for either further education or pursuit of employment opportunities.

Main Career Paths

  1. Governmental Bureau of Social Affairs personnel (requires public servant qualification).
  2. Practice as a social worker (requires social worker certification).
  3. Social workers in public and private social welfare organizations, medical units, enterprise organizations and foundations.
  4. Managers in human resources of industrial & commercial organizations.
  5. Managing personnel of non-profit organizations.
  6. Public relations, marketing and research analysis.
  7. Undergraduate and master’s program graduates can choose to pursue higher education goals. The percentage of graduating students pursuing higher education is very high.