Comprehensive Social Work Curricula

Curricula that both include the requirements of Taiwan’s social work education and those of global social work education are offered for BSW, MSW and Ph.D programs to train and prepare students for various areas of social work practice.

Emphasis on Field Work Practicum

BSW students are required to complete three levels of social work field work practicum. BSW students complete the minimum of five hundred hours of social work field work practicum under supervision upon graduation.

Nurturing and Frequent Interaction among Faculty members and Students

Students are encouraged to talk to faculty members. Several regular meetings that bring faculty members and students together to share thoughts are held in each semester.

Diversity of Faculty Members

We currently have twelve full-time faculty members; eleven of them have Ph.D in Social Work degrees. A large number of experienced social work practitioners with MSW degrees, psychiatrists and lawyers are hired to be sessional teachers.

Balanced Environment for Research and Teaching

Full-time faculty members engage not only in teaching but also in research on social problems. Research topics cover a broad range, including practicum programs, minority group study, social work ethics, women and labor, social policy, welfare organizations, non-profit issues and many others. Grants provided by Taiwan’s National Science Council are often awarded for research done by our faculty. They are often invited to different countries to present their research findings and give speeches on related subjects, which increases the interaction and influence our faculty has upon international academia. Additionally, undergraduate students must take research methods courses and practice writing research reports while master’s and doctorate students have to complete their graduation thesis. These teaching practices allow our graduates to stand out from their peers when pursuing further education and when taking professional exams.

Academic Interaction and Broad Learning Space

In order to promote a broader world view and stimulation of the minds of our students and faculty, our department often invites famous professors from Taiwan and abroad to give speeches on a variety of topics and organizes visits to social work organizations and schools abroad.

Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to scholastic scholarships, our department offers many other scholarships for students to help them through difficult financial situations.

Balanced Cultivation of Independence and Cooperative Team Spirit

Our department supervises students’ extracurricular activities and practicum to help them develop not only in their studies, but also in their attitude of helping others and coordination cooperative efforts. Our department’s student body holds different activities to enhance student rights and offer volunteer social service in communities near campus.

Strong Relationships with Graduates

We maintain a strong relationship with our graduates by sending them communications. Since the establishment of our department’s Graduate Association in 1989, many meetings and reunion activities had been held. Graduates are often invited to participate in discussion panels to help current students prepare for future employment opportunities and examinations.

Active Participation in Social Services and Non-Profit Activities

Our faculties are constantly involved in evaluating research cases conducted by local and national government and non-profit organizations, and act as professional training lecturers to assist their professional development. Many students volunteer for service in a variety of groups, such as the Children Charity Club, Social Service Group, Volunteer Counselors, and other community service organizations. This relationship between our department and social organizations reflect our concern towards minority groups and overall social welfare.