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The Department of Social Work at Tunghai University has played an important role in the development of social work education in Taiwan’s higher education system. In 1974, the Department of Sociology at Tunghai University had formed a social work group. In 1979, it was transformed to be Bachelor of Social Work Program, Department of Social Work which became the first Bachelor of Social Work Program in Taiwan. In 1984, Master of Social Work Program was established and it was the first Master of Social Work Program in Taiwan. In 1994, Ph.D program in Social Work was created and again it was the first Ph.D program in Social Work in Taiwan.

Over the years, Department of Social Work, Tunghai University has cultivated many important figures engaging in Social Work in Taiwan. Graduates both from our BSW program and MSW program have good employment opportunities after graduation. A large proportion of front line social workers and leaders in social, non-profit, and governmental organizations are comprised of our graduates. Furthermore, a high percentage of our faculty members and graduates hold leading positions in professional organizations dedicated to social work, such as Taiwanese Professional Social Workers’ Associations. The numbers of graduates serving as supervisors in social work agencies as well as department directors in various universities in Taiwan are growing each year.

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TEL: +886-4-2359-0121ext. 36500-36504

FAX: +886-4-2359-4226

ADD: No. 1727, Section 4, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun District, Taichung 40704, Taiwan R.O.C.

MAIL: sociwork@thu.edu.tw

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